Bous 30-2


Within October 31, 2022


Terms & Conditions
1. Minimum deposit to MT5 at $100 with in the mentioned period
2. Maximum credit bonus per account is at $500
3. The credit bonus will be deducted at 30% upon your fund withdrawal but not more than the credit bonus amount that you receieve
4. If your balance on MT5 is at 0 or negative, all credit bonus will be deducted
5. The credit bonus can be used only at the amount that receieve to your MT5, can not be transfered and only in our terms & conditions.
6. To claim your bonus after deposit please contact us at Line support: @guzemarkets 
7. This deal can not be used with “Deposit $30 get Free $30 Credit Bonus” deal
8. Guze Markets has right to change terms and conditions without send the notice in advance
9. All trading must be under the trading terms and conditions of Guze Markets