🛫 Let’s travel to Vietnam for free 🛫
Guze Flight Good Trade

🛫 Let’s travel to Vietnam for free 🛫
Guze Flight Good Trade

🇻🇳 Fly, travel, stay for free up to 4 days 3 nights in Vietnam 🇻🇳
take you to enjoy the atmosphere in the midst of nature

Guze Flight Good Trade

Qualification period: from 1-28 February

Prizes are limited to the first 30 people only.


  1. For traders
    1.1 There is a new deposit in January 2023 (New Deposit) accumulating $3,000 or more.
    1.2 Accumulated 200 lots of personal trades
  2. For Partner IB.
    2.1 Have a Partner Commission in January or February complete 1,500 USD
    2.2 If under the line of IB., there are 2 qualified persons, will receive 1 more right for the IB who is a Refferal.
  3. 1 User ( 1 name and surname ) is eligible for a maximum of 2 rights only.
  4. In case of qualifying, trip participants must have the same name and surname as the account holder only. The right cannot be transferred to others. If the account holder is unable to go It is considered a waiver without being able to keep the right to use in another round.
  5. Those who pass the qualifications must notify, check the qualifications and confirm their rights immediately. At Line Support: @Tracxus only if not confirmed on time Considered a waiver in all cases Because the prizes are limited.
  6. If you have confirmed your right to join the trip but can’t go Considered a waiver in all cases and cannot keep the right to travel in other rounds
  7. Trading is subject to Guze Markets Terms & Conditions only.
  8. Guze Markets Server Time Calculation Feature
  9. We reserve the right to change the promotion without prior notice.

Itinerary Will notify again after the end of the qualification period

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